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We are proud to present the Aerospace Technology Congress 2019 partners.






Dear colleagues,

On behalf of The Swedish Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (Flyg- och rymdtekniska Föreningen, FTF) and The Swedish Strategic Innovation Programme for Aeronautics (Innovair), it is our pleasure to invite your organisation to join our Congress FT2019, Sustainable Aerospace Innovation in a Globalised World. 

The Congress will take place on 8 – 9 of October 2019 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, and is the tenth in our series of Aerospace congresses in Sweden. We offer different levels of being a part of the exhibition of products and services at the Congress venue.

FTF was founded in 1933, for the purpose to promote and stimulate interest in the technology of aeronautics and astronautics in Sweden. About 1200 aerospace engineers and scientists are members of the FTF. Every third year since 1992, FTF is hosting a national aerospace congress devoted to the progress of aeronautics and astronautics in Sweden. The latest Congress was in 2016 when some 320 delegates were gathered, and more than 150 presentations were given. A fully booked exhibition area was also set up, where products and services of major and smaller companies were presented, as well as posters.

The Congresses have become the most important forum for aerospace companies and engineers in Sweden. Top-level managers from the leading European and international aerospace consortiums are invited for speeches in the plenum on the most important topics of today. Congress attendees will also have unique opportunities for networking and shall benefit from the scientific exchange during both formal and informal meetings with colleagues from Sweden and abroad.


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Dr. Roland Karlsson
Chairman FTF

Dr. Anders Blom 
Programme Director Innovair