Plenary Speakers

Tomas Eneroth
Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden. Opening speech

Ron van Manen
Clean Sky Programme Manager

Jan Bode
LuFo Programme Manager, DLR/BMWi, Germany

Dan Henningsson
Director SARC – Swedish Aeronautical Research Centre

Antonio Franciscangelis Neto
Vice Minister MCTIC, Brazil
Opening speech

Anna Rathsman
Director General - Swedish National Space Agency

Sergey Chernyshev
Chief Scientific Officer
TsAGI, Russia

Mathias Bertrand
Manager Future Projects Office, Airbus

Lisa Åbom
Chief Technology Officer
Saab Aeronautics

Mats Helgesson
Chief of the Swedish Air Force

Fay Collier
Associate Director, Flight Strategy, NASA, USA

Arnaud Lebrun
Chief Engineer, Next Generation Propulsion - Safran, France

Henrik Runnemalm
Director R&T - GKN Aerospace Engine Systems

Philippe Koffi
Future Combat Air System Programme Director, DGA, France

Tobias Björnhov
CEO at Corebon